Reposition for Growth Package

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Take your marketing and branding to the next level to grow your existing company.

[/vc_custom_heading][vc_separator][uncode_list icon=”fa fa-check2″ icon_color=”accent”]Items recommended, please choose what you need below:

  • Logo – using your existing logo as a base, we will work on revamping and updating the logo. We can keep the essence of your existing brand or create a completely new logo – this will happen in consultation with you. Also decide to keep or update your Payoff line to reflect your vision.
  • Business cards
  • Email signature
  • Letterhead setup in Word
  • Website design – updating and / or create a modern and relevant new website
  • Social Media: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / LinkedIn setup or update
  • Email newsletter setup and design
  • Signage with updated logo (office signage, vehicle branding)
  • Promotional gifts and clothing
  • Pull up banner – can easily be carried around
  • PowerPoint cover and template for presentations
  • Work on a launch campaign to promote and reveal your new look and logo
  • Posters / Flyers / Brochures / Fact sheets / Folders to promote your new look

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