Stay focussed – keep on doing what brings you closer to your goals

It's totally human to get overwhelmed and to start procrastinating, or doing ALL the things without any real plan or purpose. But remember - what you choose to focus on, what you…

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Begin with the End in Mind.

While reflecting over my direction and plans for the new year, I realized a few things that I want to share with you, maybe it will help you also find an anchor in the storm.

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Mindfield is open during COVID-19 lock down

Mindfield Design will remain open during lockdown. We are working remotely, and are ready to help you reposition your business to thrive after this global crisis.

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Free Marketing Plan Outline Template for Business Owners

A two page printable marketing outline template to help you easily plan for the rest of 2020. It will give business owners a marketing to-do list and a general snapshot of their…

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Brand Alignment Makeover

We help businesses to reposition their brand for growth, by doing a Brand Alignment Makeover. Working with them to clarify their message so that it attracts the clients they…

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