When you stand at the start of a new year like 2021, it can be difficult to know what to aim for or how to plan. It seems like everything is up in the air. It looked like the severe turmoil and problems of 2020 was behind us, and just as we started to breathe again and planning our get togethers and focus for this new year, everything started closing down again (in our neck of the woods anyway).

It is completely normal to feel overwhelmed and unsure of the way forward.

While reflecting over my direction and plans for the new year, I realized a few things that I want to share with you, maybe it will help you also find an anchor in the storm.

Firstly, no matter what is going on around me, my purpose, and the purpose of my business have not changed. My end goal, what I am aiming for at the end of my life has not changed. What I want people to say about me and my business at the very end, looking back at my life, is still the same. When I put my focus on that end goal, instead of all the distractions, circumstances and changes around me, it’s easier to cut out those things that will not bring me closer to this goal.

If we don’t know what our purpose or our end goal is, that is when the storm will toss us around, and we will start to do “all the things” that looks shiny or that others are doing that looks successful. We will order our days reacting to what is happening around and to us, instead of looking ahead being focused on what matters most. You don’t have the same purpose as the person next to you, or as the person you admire and follow on social media. God created you with a unique purpose, and that thing that you are hiding in order to “fit in” is probably the exact thing that will make you stand out from the rest and fulfill the purpose why you are on this earth.

I also realized that I vote for what matters most to me, by how I decide to spend my time. I decide what I put on my to do list in what order. If I spend my days reacting to what happens to me, or what my clients request, instead of pro-actively planning and focusing and doing what matters most to me or what will bring me closer to reaching my goal, I will struggle to fulfill my purpose. Every small, imperfect step in the right direction, still brings me closer to where I want to go.

Who’s with me, taking small steps to start aiming at what matters most?

Make sure you know what your business’s purpose and your end goal is!
👉 You can watch the replay of this free webinar (90 minutes) that will help you start to find your purpose and help you to refocus your business for growth https://lnkd.in/enVnvEu

👉 But if you are a Christian in business, you need to add an extra step and ask God to show you what he wants you to do and not lean on your own plans and understanding. Join me in the upcoming Kingdom Business Focus Boot Camp (4 hours, 3 dates to choose from available in January and 2 in Feb) where we will connect to God and find our purpose and goal for our businesses.
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I have realized this past year that God has been preparing me for this time, giving me tools and keys to navigate a world that seems scary and overwhelming. He taught me to completely trust Him and His Word, and in doing so I was able to largely sidestep anxiety, fear and lack completely, in a year that was characterized by these things for most. This was a real blessing to me! If you are a Christian in business, please join me in the Kingdom Business Facebook Group to hear more about this.

Whether you do the webinar or the boot camp, may you find your business purpose in this new year and put it on paper, so that you can make sure you focus and vote for what matters most.