MINDFIELD DESIGN helps businesses to reposition their brand for growth, by doing a Brand Alignment Makeover. Working with them to clarify their message so that it attracts the clients they really want. By defining WHY you are in business, and how you solve your clients’ problems, we can narrow down your message – to be clear and concise and to portray your brand’s unique story creatively. We create an all round brand look and message that reflect your brand’s true heart.


  • One Day Brand Repositioning Mastermind
    Completed by Business Owner, workshop format.
    – Objective is to redefine your Purpose (Why)
    – Get the focus product/service that best aligns with your purpose to grow this year
    – Define your ideal client profile (niche) and where they hang out
    – What problem is your product solving for your clients?
    – What outcomes do your ideal client want from you
    – The mastermind will be interactive with a Workbook to complete during the day
    – End of the day you will have your Marketing Action Plan and Next Actions List completed.
  • After receiving the Workbook back we analyse and formalise the message your business wants to portray
  • Refine and formalise your brand positioning document
  • Brand Repositioning Roadmap created showing the roll out over 6 months.

We help brands to reposition for growth, by aligning their message to reflect their TRUE HEART.

Contact Mindfield Design and we will assist you on your journey to discover the value that repositioning your brand can add to your business.