If you are planning an event, festival or trade show this is the right package for you.

We provide a combination of event and promotional solutions including social media, signage, posters, carry bags, T-shirts, flyers and an event publication or programme if needed. We will tailor our solutions around your specific event requirements and will create a look and package that suits your target audience. No more generic event publications!

Items recommended, please choose what you need below:
  • Logo and / or concept
  • Email signature / Business cards
  • Facebook & Twitter setup and cover pages
  • Website with info for exhibitors / visitors
  • Promotional flyers / stickers
  • Emailer to potential exhibitors / visitors / advertisers / sponsors
  • Event invitation – printed or electronic
  • Promotional Posters / Pole posters
  • Media pack / Folder / Promotional media invite
  • 1 x Magazine advert
  • 1 x Newspaper advert
  • Entry tickets / Parking tickets
  • Carry or Goody bags
  • T-shirts for crew / staff
  • Banner
  • Signage to use on the day
  • Programme
  • Event publication – let’s think out of the box and create something your visitors can take home that speaks of your event and brand.

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