Is your business running on full steam, but you find that a lot of your clients take up too much of your employees’ time for limited profit?

Do your employees run around just putting out fires, without focus, as your service or product offering has grown so much over the years, they don’t know where to start?

Have you defined your WHY, the driving factor (purpose, cause or belief) behind your business?

Do you find that the reason WHY you started the business in the first place has changed, or that you need to redefine your WHY in order to set proper goals?

Do you look at your logo or website and realize that it no longer reflect the true focus of your business or where you want it to go in the future?

You probably have a medium sized business that has grown from small beginnings, but is now a well-established company, ready for its next growth phase.

In order to streamline your business and simplify your processes, you should refocus the business to sell more of the service/product that aligns best with your core PURPOSE, while bringing in the most PROFIT. It is imperative that you communicate this new mission and focus clearly to staff and clients.

I was in this same place, having to take a long, hard look at WHY I am in business. I found over the years we just kept adding services and products to our offering, essentially being a one-stop shop, as a result not being able to focus the team or resources on our core service. I found that only around 30% of our clients brought in the most of our income, while the other 70% had us running around, taking up most of our energy.

We were exhausted at the end of each day, and I questioned whether we were working harder and not smarter. As the business owner, it was my job to stand back and re-evaluate the business’s driving factor (WHY), goals, and the ideal client we would most like to work with.

Once this was all out of my mind and clearly on paper, it was much easier to set measurable goals and to get the employees on board and fired up to achieve it as well.

I found that simpler worked better. What I mean by that is that instead of having a million product or service offerings, I focused first on the one service that we most enjoyed doing, and that aligns best with our WHY. I got clear on who the client is that most needed that service, and that resonated best with our WHY.

Then I had to make sure my brand message was clearly defined and written to attract that specific ideal client, showing them how our service will benefit them. I had to make sure our logo and brand image reflected our true heart distinctly.

I also simplified my marketing to the point of only using the platforms that I knew my ideal client would hang out in. Instead of trying to be on 6 different social media channels, we focused only on the ONE that will reach our ideal client the best to begin with.

I found that getting clear on our WHY and our ideal client was almost the hardest part. Once our goals were re-aligned and we were able to clearly communicate this message via our website, marketing material and chosen social media platform, the rest fell into place. We were attracting more of the clients we really wanted to work with, as we were marketing specifically where they were and our message was crafted precisely for them.

Being a marketing company, this all seem very obvious in hindsight. But if I look at many medium sized businesses today, I see a lot of them making the same mistakes. Having too many service offerings or brand messages. Using a logo, website or marketing material that is unclear in their message and who they service. Or to be blunt that does not reflect their current business professionally or distinctly.

Is your business one of them? As start up founders with businesses that has grown fast and kept our days very busy, it is easy to let that slide for a while and just focus on the day to day running of the business. But in order to grow and to streamline your operation I want to encourage you to reach out to me directly here so we can help you to reposition your business for growth.

Mindfield Design brings vision to your business marketing strategy, helping you find your core message, in order to attract the clients you really want.

Our strength is bringing creative and brand strategy together in execution. We bring CONCEPT (what you truly stand for) and PURPOSE (what problem you solve for your customers) together and present it to the world, so that your business’s TRUE HEART shows loud and clear.

Written by: Mariana Engelbrecht
Founder and Owner: Mindfield Design
A boutique design and marketing studio based in Cape Town, South Africa working with clients from across the globe in different industries.