If you are at the helm of a business that has grown from small beginnings, you likely now need to look at the image your business is showing to the world, and evaluate if it still projects your vision as it stands at this current moment or the direction you want to go in order to grow.

Consider that what you project out there is also what you will attract in terms of customers and employees. What kind of customer brings in your most profit? Why are you in business, and what product or service do you most enjoy providing, or aligns best with your vision?

These are tough questions, but it should be easier to assess when you complete our free State of Business Identity Check List. (5 minute quick online review) that through a few simple questions will help you to better see where your business stands.

A common adage is that 20% of your customers normally bring in about 80% of your income. While the other 80% of your customers take up most of your energy for less benefit to the business.

What if you could attract more of your “ideal” customers that will make delivering the service/product easier, and more rewarding for your business?

This will allow for easier growth: a scalable business that can multiply its revenues with minimal incremental increase in costs. Sounds ideal, right?


3 Steps to attracting the customers you REALLY want:

Define the WHY.

What is the driving factor of you and/or your business? Ascertain in which direction your business needs to go, to attain this.

Helpful: Simon Sinek – Talk on Why
Simon may be best known for popularising the concept of Why in his first 18 minute Ted Talk in 2009. It rose to become the third most watched on TED.com, with over 38 million views and subtitled in 46 languages.
Read more on Find your Why by Simon Sinek.

Step 2:
Define what your ideal customer looks like.

The customer that also subscribes to your business’ WHY. The customer that falls into that 20% that brings in most of your profit, but for a minimal increase in costs. The customer that buys what you most enjoy doing.

Step 3:
Make sure the image your business projects, reflects your Why and attracts these ideal customers.

This includes the logo, website, marketing material like fact sheets on products and services, adverts, flyers, presentations etc. A total rebrand is not always needed, taking our State of Business Identity Check List can help you to make sure.

If you already know WHY you are in business and what your ideal customer looks like, you will be ready to reposition your business and your brand to attract this ideal customer. Read more on our Reposition for Growth Package or contact us and we will assist you on your journey to discover the value that repositioning your brand can add to your business.

How do I know if my business identity / brand visuals is holding my business back?

Complete our free State of Business Identity Check List that will guide you through a few straightforward (mostly TRUE/FALSE) questions, compiling the info you need to review and evaluate this for yourself and any other stakeholders.
Take the free 5 minute quick online review.



By Mariana Engelbrecht, business owner at Mindfield Design.
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