Focused publications that bring your message to life.

If done the right way a publication can be a great opportunity to engage readers in a more relaxed way. Want to embrace technology and explore the new avenues of online and mobile publications? We have extensive experience in creating printed and online publications and can assist you with your strategy, look development and content for your new venture. Also recommended for existing publications that are looking for fresh ideas to update their look and to boost their readership figures.

Items recommended, please choose what you need below:
  • Name development
  • Logo and look of publication
  • Publication design template / cover design – you will need this when you start looking for advertisers and distribution partners
  • Rate card
  • Business cards / PowerPoint template
  • Social Media (Facebook / Twitter) setup.
  • We consult on strategy / publication start-up to advise you on the steps to take and the various possibilities.
Publication Options:
  • Printed magazine / newspaper
  • Design of online publication structured as a CMS (content management system) website, with articles published daily / weekly / monthly.
  • Online magazine created to have set pages that are paged by clicking on the top corners – can include animation / interactive pages.
  • Publication designed as a mobile app. to be viewed on smart phones or tablet devices / iPad. Can be submitted to iStore for distribution.
Content for your publication:
  • We can source the best writers / journalists / proofreaders and online content sources for your publications in consultation with the publisher / editor.
  • You will need good quality photographers / illustrators / animators or stock images for your publication.

Please note: We believe that quality is not negotiable if you want to ensure the long-term success of your magazine or publication. This means original, well written content that has been thoroughly proofread before publication combined with good quality, legally obtained images to support your articles.

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