Dear clients,

Mindfield Design will remain open during lock down.
We are working remotely, and are ready to help you reposition your business to thrive after this global crisis.

NOTE: We will not be able to respond to Facebook messages/comments or non-urgent phone calls during this time, please send an email to with any requests.


Use this time to plan and refocus your business. Clarify your purpose and perspective, so that you can streamline the message that you portray on social media, your website and marketing material going forward. Important to make sure this message shows your brand’s TRUE HEART.

Then you will be able to grow in the right direction after lock down, doing that which aligns best with your purpose. Let’s attract more of those ideal clients that you love working with, selling what your organisation is best at.

I am planning a series of free webinars in the coming 3 weeks to help business owners plan and refocus their brand. Let’s work together to get through this.

Please subscribe to this waiting list if you want to be informed when it starts:

Remember, the night looks darkest just before dawn. Stay positive. Stay safe!

Love. Mariana