Social Media Package

Set up and maintain your company’s social media presence online via your chosen platforms.

We handle the setup and monthly posts on your chosen social media platforms that align with your business’s goals and brand identity.

It is important that social media is treated as a conversation with a friend, rather than a promotional medium. Followers want to feel part of the family, so information needs to be structured in a relaxed and clever way not to sound promotional.


Facebook Company Page:

Setup of Company Facebook Page, including design of cover image and logo to use.


Twitter Page:

Setup of Twitter account including design of Twitter background, logo and cover image. Following the right industry players to bring your account to the attention of the right people.



Setup of Instagram account, including image and following relevant people/companies.


Linked In Company Page:

Setup of Company Linked In Page, including creation of cover image and logo, setup of Services page.



Setup of your company Pinterest account including creation of the relevant boards in consultation with the client, uploading client images and repinning of relevant images that will strengthen your brand image.



Setup of YouTube account including uploading of your company videos onto your account under the relevant categories.


Optional: Create a promotional campaign to inform your clients and staff of your new social media accounts, and encourage them to follow you so your messages reach them on a daily basis.


Please note: It is important to know that your social media campaigns cannot run in isolation, you will need to drive traffic to your chosen platforms via print and online marketing as well. You will also need a social media champion in your company that can feed us with relevant pictures and images to put on facebook – this will all be explained further once we discuss the brief.

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Magazine Package

Focused publications that bring your message to life.

If done the right way a publication can be a great opportunity to engage readers in a more relaxed way. Want to embrace technology and explore the new avenues of online and mobile publications? We have extensive experience in creating printed and online publications and can assist you with your strategy, look development and content for your new venture. Also recommended for existing publications that are looking for fresh ideas to update their look and to boost their readership figures.

Items recommended, please choose what you need below:
  • Name development
  • Logo and look of publication
  • Publication design template / cover design – you will need this when you start looking for advertisers and distribution partners
  • Rate card
  • Business cards / PowerPoint template
  • Social Media (Facebook / Twitter) setup.
  • We consult on strategy / publication start-up to advise you on the steps to take and the various possibilities.
Publication Options:
  • Printed magazine / newspaper
  • Design of online publication structured as a CMS (content management system) website, with articles published daily / weekly / monthly.
  • Online magazine created to have set pages that are paged by clicking on the top corners – can include animation / interactive pages.
  • Publication designed as a mobile app. to be viewed on smart phones or tablet devices / iPad. Can be submitted to iStore for distribution.
Content for your publication:
  • We can source the best writers / journalists / proofreaders and online content sources for your publications in consultation with the publisher / editor.
  • You will need good quality photographers / illustrators / animators or stock images for your publication.

Please note: We believe that quality is not negotiable if you want to ensure the long-term success of your magazine or publication. This means original, well written content that has been thoroughly proofread before publication combined with good quality, legally obtained images to support your articles.

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Event Package

If you are planning an event, festival or trade show this is the right package for you.

We provide a combination of event and promotional solutions including social media, signage, posters, carry bags, T-shirts, flyers and an event publication or programme if needed. We will tailor our solutions around your specific event requirements and will create a look and package that suits your target audience. No more generic event publications!

Items recommended, please choose what you need below:
  • Logo and / or concept
  • Email signature / Business cards
  • Facebook & Twitter setup and cover pages
  • Website with info for exhibitors / visitors
  • Promotional flyers / stickers
  • Emailer to potential exhibitors / visitors / advertisers / sponsors
  • Event invitation – printed or electronic
  • Promotional Posters / Pole posters
  • Media pack / Folder / Promotional media invite
  • 1 x Magazine advert
  • 1 x Newspaper advert
  • Entry tickets / Parking tickets
  • Carry or Goody bags
  • T-shirts for crew / staff
  • Banner
  • Signage to use on the day
  • Programme
  • Event publication – let’s think out of the box and create something your visitors can take home that speaks of your event and brand.

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Wine Estate Package

Promote your Wine Estate and wine brand with focused marketing elements.

There are a multitude of exceptional wine estates in the Western Cape. Make sure yours stand out from the rest at wine festivals and events. By doing clever marketing and using your resources in a well thought through manner you can reach more clients for less! We have a lot of expert experience in the Wine Industry and will advise you every step of the way.

Items recommended, please choose what you need below:
  • Wine labels
  • Business cards
  • Flyers / Brochures / Post cards
  • Fact sheets / Tasting sheets
  • Social Media (Facebook & Twitter) set up and management
  • Carry bags
  • Website
  • Email newsletters
  • Event invitation – printed or electronic
  • Promotional items like coasters / pourers etc. Let’s brainstorm!
  • Pull up banners
  • Magazine or wine route adverts

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Reposition for Growth Package

Take your marketing and branding to the next level to grow your existing company.

You have an established business and are ready for the next step to grow and rejuvenate your brand. Let’s relook your corporate image to bring it in line with where you are now and your vision for the future. A spring clean of your corporate image can do wonders for your bottom line as well as your staff morale. Show that your business is moving with the times and utilise all the new developments in technology and design to extend your reach to existing and new clients.

Items recommended, please choose what you need below:
  • Logo – using your existing logo as a base, we will work on revamping and updating the logo. We can keep the essence of your existing brand or create a completely new logo – this will happen in consultation with you. Also decide to keep or update your Payoff line to reflect your vision.
  • Business cards
  • Email signature
  • Letterhead setup in Word
  • Website design – updating and / or create a modern and relevant new website
  • Social Media: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / LinkedIn setup or update
  • Email newsletter setup and design
  • Signage with updated logo (office signage, vehicle branding)
  • Promotional gifts and clothing
  • Pull up banner – can easily be carried around
  • PowerPoint cover and template for presentations
  • Work on a launch campaign to promote and reveal your new look and logo
  • Posters / Flyers / Brochures / Fact sheets / Folders to promote your new look

How do I know if my business identity / brand visuals is holding my business back?

Complete our free State of Business Identity Check List that will guide you through a few straightforward (mostly TRUE/FALSE) questions, compiling the info you need to review and evaluate this for yourself and any other stakeholders.
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Startup Package

Are you looking to start up a new business?

We provide a complete package including a company Logo, Business Cards, a Website and more. Make sure your business starts off on the right foot by portraying a professional image from the start.

Items recommended, please choose what you need below:
  • Logo
  • Business cards
  • Email signature
  • Letterhead setup in Word
  • Domain name registration, Email address
  • Email and Web hosting
  • Holding page for domain – while we are busy designing your website
  • Website design – we can start small and build up later if needed
  • Social Media: Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn setup
  • Emailer template design
  • Signage, Vehicle branding
  • Promotional gifts and clothing
  • Pull up banner – can easily be carried around
  • PowerPoint template for presentations
  • Posters / Flyers / Brochures / Fact sheets / Folders

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