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Book your 1h in person/skype consultation meeting with the owner of Mindfield Design (Mariana Engelbrecht) to discuss where your business currently is in terms of its Identity, and where it needs to go to be able to attract the customers/clients you really want to attract. If you have done our Business Identity & Brand Health Check, we will use this meeting to discuss our findings, and our recommendations before doing your Business Identity Roadmap.

After our meeting we will prepare your Business Identity Reposition Roadmap that you can use as a step-by-step tool to action the repositioning of your identity.

Assessing the following areas of your Business / Brand Identity and how this needs to change, what steps need to be taken, costs estimates for:

  • • Logo / Corporate Identity
  • • Website/Digital channels
  • • Marketing Material
  • • Product Packaging (if applicable)
  • • Internal Communication to employees/staff
  • • Social Media
  • • Advertising
  • • How to make sure the different marketing channels reach and speak to your “ideal customer/client”
  • • Aligning your marketing channels to work together and speak with one voice.
  • • How can you incorporate the latest technology/trends/content management strategies that is needed to reach your ideal customer.
  • • Assessing your unique situation, why you are in business, your (intentional) corporate culture, and how you can reflect that to your customers (to attract your “ideal customer”)

Not in Cape Town?
Book a 1 hour Skype Consultation session.
In Person consultations needs to happen in Cape Town, South Africa, unless you want to arrange flights to and from your office. This will require some forward planning, so if this is you – please contact us at order@mindfield.co.za to arrange consultations in other cities before you book.

Step 1: Pay for your Roadmap.
Step 2: We send you an email with a link to book your 1h Consultation.
Step 3: Make your booking from available dates and times.
Step 4: We accept the booking and let you know it is confirmed.
See you then!


The Business Identity Reposition Roadmap Document will be supplied as a pdf.

Please indicate if you require a Skype or In Person Consultation.

SKYPE: Please send skype name
IN PERSON: Please send your address for meeting – preferably your business address, or close by, as viewing the business is part of our assessment.

Note: If not in Cape Town please make contact to discuss the details (order@mindfield.co.za), as you will have to arrange flights for Mariana/pay for petrol to your city/town if driving distance from Cape Town.

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