State of Business Identity Check List

This 5 minute quick online check list will allow you to get an overview on the state of your business' Brand Identity in order to ascertain if you need to reposition your brand or not. Specifically aimed at companies that created their business identity (logo and brand) as a startup, but has now grown somewhat, and some of the product/service offerings or the direction the company is going may have changed over time.

This is a tool to save you time, with straightforward (mostly TRUE/FALSE) questions designed to quickly gauge the state of the business you run's brand identity. Giving you an overview on whether your brand's look and feel, logo, website and other marketing material is attracting your ideal customer or not.

You will receive an email with all your answers compiled, and a score with a short explanation to help you make better decisions regarding your brand identity.

Note: There is no right or wrong answers! Your truthful answers will allow you to get a clear idea of where you are in terms of your brand and marketing look, and whether it may need to be revamped in some way or not to be able to attract your ideal customer.

Business Name
Your Name
Email (please double check)

When did the business start trading originally? (Approximate year)


TRUE or FALSE: The business logo has changed before to its current form.


TRUE or FALSE: The focus of my business or some of the services/products have changed over the years.


TRUE or FALSE: I personally like the logo as it is.


TRUE or FALSE: I think the logo should change slightly to make it more modern.


TRUE or FALSE: I believe you should not change a logo as the customers know it.


TRUE or FALSE: I am open to suggestions, but I like aspects of the current logo.


YES or NO: Would you say your logo and/or brand look is representing your business as it operates today?

Questions related to your Ideal Customer/Client:


You have via a process ascertained that the reason WHY your business is operating is: (This is not WHAT you do or HOW you do it, but what makes you/your business tick. What drives the business forward, differentiates you from the rest)


Have any of the below changed over the years since the business started?


Please explain below in what respect the changes happened in your business.


Is there a particular service or product that aligns better with the business goals and vision (WHY) than the rest? Please explain.


Are there any particular clients that are easier to deal with, and take up less time in the business while bringing in good sales?


YES or NO: Do you have an idea of which customers bring in the most profit to your business? Please give details below (optional).


TRUE or FALSE: I feel the marketing material do not speak to our current "ideal customer". (If TRUE please explain why)

Questions related to your Marketing Material:


TRUE or FALSE: If I did not know the business, I would be attracted to it when viewing the website / business card / flyer.


TRUE or FALSE: Our Marketing Materials look similar to our competitors.


TRUE or FALSE: I am very happy with our marketing material across all channels.


TRUE or FALSE: The logo and the rest of the marketing material do not really work together. There seem to be a disconnect.


TRUE or FALSE: Some of the marketing channels work fine, but a few do not really fit in that well. (If TRUE, please list them)

Questions related to your Website:


The Business website address:


TRUE or FALSE: Our website has been built less than 4 years ago.


TRUE or FALSE: We constantly update and add content to the website so it does not get out of date.


TRUE or FALSE: Our website is optimised for the screen size you are viewing it on, including tablets and mobile.


TRUE or FALSE: Our website looks professional and is easy to use, with information that is easy to find.


TRUE or FALSE: There is information on our website that is no longer a true reflection of what we do.


I think the following elements of the website can be improved or added: (Please List)

Investigating your Design and Marketing Service Providers:


TRUE or FALSE: We have different service providers for the different marketing channels (i.e. logo/website/social media/advertising/printed elements/signage).


TRUE or FALSE: We have an inhouse design person/department.


TRUE or False: I am designing some of the marketing material myself (as the business owner/manager) or asking my secretary/intern/colleague to do it.


TRUE or FALSE: The service provider mostly does everything I ask to a T (does not give their expert opinion or give better suggestions).


TRUE or FALSE: I am very happy with the current service provider and think they do an excellent job!

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Thank you for completing the State of Business Identity Check List

Please submit your check list, and we will email you the questions and your answers, together with your points score and an indication of what the score means for your business.