A company borne out of a desire to create fresh design solutions.

Mindfield firmly believes that all aspects of a business’s marketing efforts should work together to create a cohesive brand image. We offer a full range of marketing services including affordable solutions for both print and web. We find that the effectiveness of any advertising or marketing campaign is maximized when all aspects are delivering the same, clear message. That said, we are happy to work with you on any individual project.


Our strengths are branding, publishing and website development.

If you allow us to think out of the box we can take your brand where you never thought it possible! We will analyse your marketing strategy and target market, work according to your marketing budget, and come up with a marketing campaign that will let you stand out from your competitors and make sure your message reaches your audience LOUD AND CLEAR.

Our alliances with quality suppliers like printers as well as specialist freelancers (professional photographers, animators and developers) help us deliver affordable high-end solutions for complicated projects.

Global, CONNECTED Businesses

Different Channels, ONE VOICE

Conversations & experiences create your STORY

Business for GOOD, intentionally


Doing business that is beneficial to your bottom line, but also the community and the earth.

It is our mission to do business ethically, to care for the environment and the people that are affected by our business directly and indirectly, including staff. We also run our clients' marketing campaigns in this manner. We believe in loving our neighbour, doing business with kindness and being socially responsible.

This is why we support various NPOs with their marketing and donations. If you would also like to get involved in helping in your personal capacity, or as your business, let us know. Some of these NPOs have 18A certification, which will allow them to give you a tax certificate for your donation.