Mindfield Design is a boutique Marketing and Design Studio based in Cape Town, South Africa. We work with clients from across the globe in different industries. Let us help you to reposition your brand  for growth.

DESIGN that brings your MESSAGE to LIFE.

Mindfield Design helps businesses and brands to reposition for growth: to come up with an all round BRAND LOOK AND MESSAGE that reflects their TRUE HEART. Attracting those clients and employees that resonate with your message.

We bring vision to your business marketing strategy, helping you focus on your core message. Aligning what you portray to the world, in order to attract the clients you really want. Making sure your print, online and social media marketing speak as one voice.

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You have an established business and are ready for the next step to grow and rejuvenate your brand. Let’s relook your corporate image to bring it in line with where you are now and your vision for the future.

We have extensive experience in creating printed and online publications and can assist you with your strategy, look development, layout and content.

We provide a combination of event and promotional solutions that we can tailor around your specific event requirements. Let us create a look and package that suits your target audience.